What are the different types of metal roof snow guards

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Roof Snow Guards

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The winter months bring a flurry of activity to Denver, Colorado. Every rooftop is adorned with a fresh layer of snow that glistens in the sunlight like diamonds. To keep our roofs safe from damage caused by heavy and sudden accumulations of snow, Roofing Pros recommends using metal roof snow guards. This article will explore what type of snow guard best suits your home or business’s specific needs.

As a local roofing contractor in Denver, CO for over 20 years, Roofing Pros has seen firsthand how powerful Mother Nature can be when it comes to damaging roof systems due to heavy snowfall. That’s why we recommend installing metal roof snow guards on all new roofs – as well as any older ones that don’t have them installed already!

Metal roof snow guards are designed to spread out the weight of the accumulated snow across multiple points on the roof instead of allowing it to build up in one area – reducing risk for dangerous water-pooling and ice dams. But there are different types available: each suited to meet specific needs depending on the size and shape of your building’s roof structure. In this article, we’ll investigate these various types so you can make an informed decision about which style works best for you!

1. What Are Snow Guards?

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – and that rings true when it comes to roofing. Especially in the winter months, snowfall can wreak havoc on roofs if left unchecked. This is where snow guards come into play! At Roofing Pros, we know just how important these little pieces of equipment are for protecting your home from damage caused by heavy snow accumulation.

Snow guards are devices that help hold back or prevent large amounts of accumulated snow from sliding off the roof suddenly and unexpectedly. They look like smallmetal bars with curved ends attached to your metal roof panels at regular intervals up the slope; their main purpose is to retain enough weight so that all the remaining snow will not rush down due to gravity or wind pressure.

They come in different sizes and shapes depending on which type you choose – including standing seam, trough-style, S-5 clamps, edge clamp styles, etc., each designed specifically for certain types of metal roofs. And while there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to selecting a product best suited for your home’s needs, here at Roofing Pros we offer a variety of products that have been tested and proven effective against potential damaging elements associated with seasonal weather patterns.

No matter which option you decide upon be sure that you make an investment in having quality rooftop protection installed as soon as possible before any major storms hit this season!

2. Types Of Snow Guards

At Roofing Pros, we know there are many types of snow guards that can be installed on metal roofs. The most popular type is the standing seam metal roof snow guard. This type of snow guard works best with a standing seam metal roof and provides an effective way to keep large amounts of snow from sliding off the roof in one avalanche-like movement.

However, there are other types of metal roof snow guards available as well. These include spike-style guards, glass reinforced plastic (GRP) guards, and S-5!® clamps for corrugated or ribbed profiles. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and preferences when it comes to protecting your home from harmful ice damming caused by heavy accumulations of snowfall.

At Roofing Pros, our experienced team will help you determine which type of snow guard is best suited to meet your winter weather protection goals. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that whatever option you choose meets all local building codes and regulations while also providing the level of security needed to protect your home during periods of severe cold temperatures and high levels of snow accumulation. With our expertise at Roofing Pros, we’ll get you set up with the perfect solution so that your property remains safe throughout even the harshest winter storms here in Denver, CO!

With these different options available for metal roof snow guards, let’s take a closer look now at why standing seam metal roofs make such an ideal choice…

3. Standing Seam Metal Roof Snow Guards

At Roofing Pros, we understand that standing seam metal roof snow guards are a critical component of any successful winter weather preparedness plan. Like brilliant jewels adorning the ridge lines and valleys of your home’s rooftop, they provide an immense amount of benefit to both you and your property. Here’s what sets them apart:

• They look beautiful – Snow guards come in a variety of colors so that they can match or contrast with your existing roof color scheme.

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• They protect – By helping to prevent large chunks of ice from falling off the side of your house during heavy snow fall, these devices keep you and your family safe year round.

• They last long – Manufactured out of durable aluminum or steel materials, they stand up to extreme temperatures and weather conditions better than almost any other type on the market.

When it comes to selecting the right kind for your situation, there really is no substitute for the peace-of-mind that only Roofing Pros can offer. Our experienced technicians will take their time walking through all options available until you find one that perfectly fits within budget and provides maximum protection against potential damage from snow accumulation throughout the season.

Armed with this newfound knowledge about standing seam metal roof snow guards, let’s now explore some advantages and disadvantages associated with installing them on top of your house here at Roofing Pros!

4. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standing Seam Metal Roof Snow Guards

As the owner of Roofing Pros, a local Denver roofer that’s dedicated to providing quality service, I’m always looking for ways to help keep your metal roofs safe and secure. One of those ways is through standing seam metal roof snow guards. These devices offer many advantages – let me break them down here!

Firstly, they are incredibly easy to install; no special tools or skills required. Plus, their simple design makes them highly effective at preventing large amounts of snow from sliding off the roof all at once. This can reduce the risk of damage to people or property below if an avalanche should occur. Additionally, because these guards blend in with most types of panels used for metal roofs, you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with this type of guard as well. They often require more maintenance than other forms since they don’t cover the entire length of the panel and may need additional parts like post supports or cleats installed beforehand in order to be fully functional. Also, it’s important to note that even though these protect against avalanches due to heavy snowfall accumulation, they do not provide any protection against wind-blown snow coming off the roof during storms.

With standing seam metal roof snow guards on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your family and property will stay protected throughout winter months without sacrificing style along the way. That said, another great option worth exploring is s-5!® Snow Retention System – so read up on what it has to offer next!

5. S-5!® Snow Retention System

The S-5!® Snow Retention System is a popular choice in Denver, CO and across the country for securely attaching snow guards to metal roofs. We at Roofing Pros have installed this system on several of our customers’ homes with great success.

Take, for example, a recent customer who had us install an S-5!® system on their standing seam roof. With its durable stainless steel construction and corrosion protection provided by zinc or colored powder coating, it was an ideal solution for their needs. They were also impressed by how easily the system could be adjusted to fit multiple panel profiles and colors without sacrificing performance.

Overall, the S-5!® Snow Retention System provides excellent security and reliability when installing snow guards onto metal roofs. Its simple installation process as well as its range of color options make it an easy choice for homeowners looking to protect their property from winter weather damage without compromising aesthetics. Now let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of using this particular product.

6. Advantages And Disadvantages Of S-5!® Snow Retention System

At Roofing Pros, we think the s-5!® snow retention system is an excellent option for metal roofs. It will help keep your roof clear of snow and ice buildups, making it safer to walk around on during winter months. Plus, these systems are designed with a quick installation process in mind — no drilling or fastening required.

But there are some drawbacks as well. The main issue is that because the s-5!® relies on friction rather than mechanical fasteners, it may not be suitable for certain types of metal roofs that have slippery surfaces like aluminum or stainless steel. Depending on where you live and how much snowfall you experience each year, this could be a factor to consider when deciding between different snow guard systems.

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That said, if you’re looking for a lightweight solution with minimal impact to your roofline aesthetics, then s-5!® might just fit the bill perfectly. Not only is its low profile design aesthetically pleasing but it also offers reliable protection against heavy snow loads without compromising safety standards. So if your priority is finding something unobtrusive yet effective enough at keeping your roof safe from potential damage caused by melting snow and ice buildup, then the s-5!® could be right up your alley here at Roofing Pros in Denver CO.

On the other hand, edgemount snow guards provide more secure anchoring solutions since they require mechanically attaching them onto the edge of panels using screws or adhesives. This makes them better suited for areas subject to heavier amounts of snowfall throughout the year due to their increased strength and durability compared to friction-based models such as s-5!.

7. Edgemount Snow Guards

A metal roof snow guard is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to protecting your roof from winter weather. At Roofing Pros, we understand how important these components are and offer a variety of different solutions for our clients in Denver, CO. One such solution is edgemount snow guards – they’re designed to keep ice and debris from sliding off steep slopes or around corners.

Edgemount snow guards are typically made of aluminum or stainless steel with a galvanized finish for improved durability against harsh conditions. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on the specific requirements of each project, providing superior protection against heavy accumulations of snowfall during winter months.

These edgemounts can be mounted along the edge of any sloped roof system with either mechanical fasteners or adhesive sealant, making them highly versatile and easy to install. Plus, they’re attractive enough to blend seamlessly into any existing design aesthetic without detracting from your home’s overall visual appeal. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that this type of metal roof snow guard has become increasingly popular among homeowners across the country!

8. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Edgemount Snow Guards

Edgemount snow guards are a popular roofing system for protecting against the dangers of snow accumulation. But what exactly do they do, and more importantly – what are their advantages and disadvantages? At Roofing Pros, we can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your edgemount snow guard options. Here’s everything you need to know:

First off, let’s discuss the benefits that come from installing edgemount snow guards. These include:

• Increased safety – by preventing large chunks of ice or snow from sliding down onto people below;

• Protection for gutters and other areas around the roof; and

• Reduced damage potential to homes and businesses beneath the slope.

Now it’s time to look at some of the drawbacks associated with this type of metal roofing accessory. Namely:

• Edgemount snow guards require regular maintenance to avoid rust buildup;

• They may not be suitable for extremely steep roofs; and

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• Installation costs can be expensive depending on the size of your project.

Though there are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether or not edgemount snow guards are right for your home or business, having one installed is often well worth it in terms of added protection against dangerous weather conditions. So if you’re looking for extra peace of mind during winter months, give us a call here at Roofing Pros! We’ll help you determine if these handy accessories should be part of your next roof repair job or installation project. Let’s move on now to heat trapping snow guards- yet another useful way to prevent hazardous slippage caused by heavy accumulations of ice or snow…

9. Heat Trapping Snow Guards

When it comes to heat trapping snow guards, Roofing Pros is the absolute authority in Denver, CO. Not only are we outfitted with top of the line tools and materials for installing these essential components but our team of professionals has years of experience doing so! Heat trapping snow guards are something that should not be taken lightly as they help protect your roof from heavy amounts of accumulated snow or ice. Here’s a few reasons why you need them:

1) Prevents dangerous icicles from forming on your home or business.

2) Reduces melting due to trapped heat within the guard itself.

3) Slows down the rate at which snow slides off your roof.

Heat trapping snow guards draw in warmth from sunlight, naturally warming up its surrounding area while keeping cool air away – a process called thermal insulation. This helps prevent large chunks of snow and ice buildup during colder months, preventing potential damage caused by sudden thawing-freezing cycles common in springtime weather changes. Additionally, this type of guard can also shield against potentially damaging UV rays from direct sunlight throughout summer months – adding an extra layer of protection for your roof system!

At Roofing Pros, we have seen firsthand how important it is to install high quality heat trapping snow guards that effectively do their job while maintaining aesthetic value too. With such vital elements affecting both safety and property values alike, no expense should be spared when considering what kind of guard system you want installed – whether it be edgemount or another more specialized solution like integrated panels or hidden clips etc., make sure you find one that fits both your needs and budget perfectly!

10. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Heat Trapping Snow Guards

At Roofing Pros, we understand the importance of using snow guards to protect your roof from potentially dangerous weather conditions. Heat trapping snow guards are one type that can provide effective protection for metal roofs. But what advantages and disadvantages come with this type? Let’s look at these now.

Heat trapping snow guards work by absorbing heat from sunlight during the day and releasing it slowly throughout the night. This helps prevent large accumulations of snow on a metal roof as temperatures drop since any melting ice or snow will be re-frozen in small amounts instead of staying melted until larger chunks form and slide off the edges of your roof. This greatly reduces the risk of damage caused by heavy loads of falling snow or ice. However, some people have complained about their effectiveness; particularly if they don’t get enough direct sunlight during the day to absorb an adequate amount of heat energy before temperatures drop significantly overnight.

The best way to ensure you’re getting effective protection is to talk to our experienced team here at Roofing Pros! We’ll help you choose which type of snow guard works best for your particular roof setup so you know it will keep your home safe through whatever winter throws its way. Give us a call today and let us help make sure you’re prepared for winter!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Type Of Snow Guard Is Right For My Roof?

At Roofing Pros, we understand the importance of finding the right snow guard for your metal roof. With so many different types available today, it can be difficult to determine which type is best suited for a given situation. That’s why we recommend speaking with one of our experienced professionals here at Roofing Pros before making any decisions. We’ll help you evaluate all the factors involved in selecting the most effective solution — including material, size, and installation method – so that you get an optimal result every time.

Beyond just helping identify what kind of snow guard will work best on your particular roof style and slope, we also provide full consultation services where we answer all your questions about how they should be installed. Our team has years of experience installing snow guards on various types of roofs across Colorado, from residential homes to large commercial buildings. And with all that knowledge comes peace-of-mind knowing that our recommendations are based on actual field experience and not just theory or speculation.

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At Roofing Pros, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service tailored specifically to each customer’s needs and budget. From start to finish, no matter if you’re replacing existing equipment or designing something totally new – let us show you why our customers always come back when they need reliable advice regarding their metal roof snow guard system!

How Much Does A Metal Roof Snow Guard Installation Cost?

At Roofing Pros, we understand that the cost of installing a metal roof snow guard is an important factor when making your decision. We are here to help guide you through this process and make sure you get the most bang for your buck!

When it comes to protecting your home from heavy snowfall, investing in a quality snow guard installation can be a wise move – like putting money into a frosty savings account. With that being said, the cost of installing a metal roof snow guard will vary depending on several factors such as your type of roof, size and complexity of the job. Generally speaking, however, our professional team at Roofing Pros has found that these installations typically range anywhere from $500-$3000 per system installed.

So while it may seem like quite an investment now, having proper protection against heavy winter weather could save you lots down the line. Invest in peace-of-mind with Roofing Pros today so you can rest easy knowing your family and property are safe throughout Denver’s snowy season.

Are Snow Guards Necessary For All Types Of Metal Roofs?

At Roofing Pros, we get asked all the time if snow guards are necessary for metal roofs. The answer is yes – they are important to prevent dangerous and costly damage from heavy snowfall. Snow guards help prevent large sheets of ice and snow from sliding off your roof suddenly due to gravity, which can cause serious injury or property damage.

Snow guards come in different shapes and sizes that suit different types of metal roofs. For example, standing seam panels require a specific type of guard with a clip-on design that attaches directly to the ribs on the panel. On other styles of metal roofs such as corrugated style, you’ll need an adhesive mount guard suitable for the profile of your roof’s material.

Whether you’re looking at installing new snow guards on an existing roof or considering them when getting a new roof installed by us at Roofing Pros, it pays to make sure you use the right kind of guard for your particular needs and conditions. We highly recommend consulting experts like our team here so you can be properly prepared for winter weather this season!

How Should Snow Guards Be Maintained?

At Roofing Pros, we understand the importance of proper snow guard maintenance. According to a recent survey by The National Association for Metal Finishers (NAMF), nearly 60% of metal roofs in North America remain unprotected from heavy snow and ice buildup due to lack of snow guards or improper maintenance. This statistic emphasizes just how important it is to ensure that your metal roof has adequate protection against winter weather.

Snow guards should be regularly inspected and cleaned as part of an overall routine maintenance plan at least once a year. During this inspection, check for cracks and other signs of damage in the material, such as rust spots or paint chips. If you see any areas that require attention, contact Roofing Pros right away – our experienced team will provide fast and effective repairs!

In addition to regular inspections and cleaning, you also need to make sure that all necessary hardware is securely attached. This includes brackets for mounting panels, screws used for securing them down, and sealants around panel edges. At Roofing Pros, we use high-quality materials designed to withstand harsh weather conditions so you can rest assured knowing your metal roof is fully protected.

By taking these basic steps now, you’ll save yourself from costly repairs later on – plus protect your property from potentially devastating water damage due to prolonged snow accumulation on top of your metal roof. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started with maintaining your metal roof’s snow guards!

Are There Any Alternatives To Metal Roof Snow Guards?

It’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. That goes for roofing, too! When it comes to snow guards, metal roof snow guards are an excellent option – but they’re not the only option on the table. If you’re wondering what alternatives there might be to metal roof snow guards, Roofing Pros is here with some answers.

First up: polycarbonate and plastic snow guards. Both of these materials offer flexibility that metal doesn’t have when it comes to installation and design options. Plus, they don’t corrode or rust over time like metal can. However, depending on the size of your project, polycarbonate and plastic may not always be cost effective solutions compared to metal Roofing Pros offers custom-made metal roofs at competitive prices that come backed by our top-notch customer service guarantee.

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The other main alternative to consider is aluminum snow guards. Aluminum has many of the same advantages as polycarbonate/plastic with regards to style freedom and corrosion resistance – plus it’s lightweight so it won’t add extra weight strain onto your existing structure if installed correctly (which is why we recommend using professionals from Roofing Pros). The main downside of aluminum is cost; due to its relatively high price point per pound compared to metals like steel or copper, aluminum could end up being more pricey than its counterparts.

No matter which material you choose for your next project, ensure you take proper maintenance measures into account – whether this includes regularly checking for signs of wear & tear or replacing parts every now and then – having periodic inspections done by experts such as those found at Roofing Pros can help make sure everything runs smoothly down the line!


The installation of metal roof snow guards is a great way to protect your home and property from the danger of avalanches. Roofing Pros, your local Denver roofer, can help you choose the right type of guards for your particular roof and install them professionally, giving you peace of mind that your family will remain safe during heavy winter storms.

No matter what type of metal roof you have or how much money you wish to spend on snow guard installation, Roofing Pros has the knowledge and experience required to get the job done right. Like any other part of your home’s exterior, regular inspection and maintenance are key components in making sure that these essential snow guards continue to do their job properly. As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so don’t wait until it’s too late – contact us today!

When it comes time for installing metal roof snow guards around your property, trust only Roofing Pros and our team of experienced professionals who know what they’re doing every step of the way – we guarantee that no stone will be left unturned when it comes to keeping your family safe this winter season!