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Thank you for considering Metal Roofing Denver! With years of experience list of happy customers, we have earned an incredibly positive reputation among Denver, Co. homeowners. Metal Roofing Denver is an affordable roofing company, with airtight warranties, amazing customer service, the highest quality craftsmanship & the best materials.

We work with homeowners and businesses in the areas of Denver, Aurora, Englewood, and Westminster through appointment only.

We provide the greater Denver area with professional metal roofing services on both residential homes and commercial buildings. Our extensively experienced roofing experts can install a new roof, repair an existing metal roof, or inspect your roof to verify it is in good condition.

We are experienced in installing, repairing, and inspecting roofs made with Aluminum, Copper, Corrugated Metal, Stand Seams, Steel, and Tin Roofs.

Metal Roofing Denver is our specialty!

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Metal Shingles Roof Installation

We at Roofing Pros offer Metal Shingles Roofs which has the benefit of looking similar to conventional roofs while providing the longevity that any metal roof will provide. The install process is quick and affordable as well.


Corrugated Metal Roof Installation

Corrugated Metal Roofs have the benefits of being low cost, energy-efficient, and long-lasting.


Aluminum Roof Installation

Aluminum stores very little heat and cools very quickly once it stops receiving direct sunlight. When compared to traditional roofing materials, they offer much longer lifespans, better strength, and a lower long-term cost


Standing Seam Roof Installation

We offer Residential Standing Seam Metal Roof installation for the greater Denver area. Standing seam metal roofs are lighter weight in comparison to asphalt shingles and also provide greater protection against snow, wind, ice, and hail.


Residential Metal Roof Replacement

If you’ve had a metal roof and are happy with its service over the years, but just need to have it replaced, we offer Residential Metal Roof Replacements as an affordable investment.


Residential Metal Roof Inspection

We provide Residential Metal Roof Inspections for when you’re contemplating a new metal roof or want a second look at a recently installed metal roof.


Residential Metal Roof Inspection

We provide Residential Metal Roof Inspections for when you’re contemplating a new metal roof or want a second look at a recently installed metal roof.


Commercial Roof Replacement

We at Metal Roofing Denver offer commercial roof replacements for offices and commercial buildings in the Greater Denver Area. If you want to explore the options of replacing your commercial roof call us today!


Metal Roof Repair

Have a leak? We offer 24/7 metal roof repair for homes in the greater Denver area! We fix leaks caused by heavy rain, wildfires, hail damage, heavy wind, and more. If you have a roof leak, you can trust our experienced company to handle the problem quickly.


Commercial Roof Inspection

Whether you’re looking to have your commercial roof replaced and want it inspected before doing so or want a second opinion on a recently installed metal roof, we offer Commercial Roof Inspections for the greater Denver area.

Why Choose Us

We service both residential and commercial buildings, providing metal roofing solutions to keep your building in the best condition. We only allow trained roofing specialists to work on our projects, ensuring you get the highest quality of work. We understand that your roof is one of the most important parts of your home or business. It is often the most impacted by weather and is a large component of the aesthetic of your home or business. That’s why we produce long-lasting, professionally installed, and affordable metal roofs. Using the latest technology, top industry standards, and an experienced team of Denver roofers, we make the process simple and efficient. 

Qualified Roofing Experts

We are highly trained and experienced roofing experts. When you work with us, the job gets done right the first time!

Flexible Schedule

We work to fit in your roofing project into your schedule. From the estimate to the installation or repair, we work when it's most convenient for you!

Customer Reviews

Here’s What Our Client Say about working with us
"Our metal roof was pretty old and was starting to show some wear. We had Roofing Pros come out for an inspection, later they did an entire metal roof replacement. They were clean and fast."
"We needed our roof replaced after a tree damaged it. They came out quickly and gave us a reasonable quote."
"The team came out to repair our metal roof after we noticed a leak. They gave us a quote and walked us through what needed to be done for our roof to be properly repaired. They fixed our metal roof quickly when other roofing contractors wanted us to wait for weeks."
"Roofing Pros was professional with their personnel. They came, knocked on my door to tell me they were there and got the job done quickly. They replaced my entire roof. They cleaned up after themselves, which was nice as that hasn't happened in the past. My neighbors had their roof replaced and the people weren't wearing the proper protective equipment where as Roofing Pros’ personnel were. After a strong storm, they came to check out the roof tile that was in my yard a couple days after I called to report it, inspected my entire roof, and realized it was just a left over scrap. I would highly recommend them as a roofing company and I'd use them again.”

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